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Monday, 21 May 2012 13:58

When contacting CSEA, what information should I have available?

Depending on the nature of your situation, the following information may be needed in addition to your SETS case number:

• Name and address of the parent who is obligated to pay support, as well as the parent who is receiving the support payments.

• Copies of the child's birth certificate(s).

• The names and addresses of the obligor's current or recent employer(s) or sources of income.

• The names and addresses of the obligor's friends and relatives with whom the obligor may have contact.

• Information about the income and other assets of the obligor, including, but not limited to, copies of pay stubs, tax returns, bank accounts, investments, property holdings, and professional licenses.

• If paternity is an issue, the names and addresses of all presumed and alleged fathers.

• Copies of relevant court orders.

• Social Security numbers of the parties.

• Any other information with which you would like to provide CSEA.

Who do I contact with questions about my support order?

Please refer to the Important Contact Information sheet to direct you to the appropriate area to meet your specific need. If you are unable to identify the appropriate area to meet your need, contact the CSEA Phone Bank at (330) 643-2765 or toll free in Ohio (800) 726-2765.

I have received child support forms in the mail and do not understand the terminology.

Contact the CSEA Phone Bank at (330) 643-2765 or toll free in Ohio (800) 726-2765.

Now that I have a child support order, what am I required to do?

This is your child support order and you must remain an active participant. It is your responsibility to notify CSEA of certain changes.

Deductions have not begun from my income source, how do I make a payment?

It is your responsibility to ensure your child support obligation is paid in full each month. You must provide CSEA with a current income source. If no income source is available, you must remit payments on your own. CSEA offers several options for making support payments. Do not make direct payments to the Obligee because, by law, direct payments are considered a gift.

Does CSEA provide services to men who are custodial parents?

Yes. CSEA provides services to custodial (and non-custodial) parents regardless of gender.

Circumstances have changed since my order was established. How could I have my order reviewed?

A CSEA Support Officer will review the parties’ case and circumstances to determine if a review can be completed. Orders must meet specific criteria to qualify for the review process. CSEA is unable to guarantee the outcomes as the order could increase, decrease, or remain the same.

Do I need an attorney?

In most cases, retaining private counsel is not necessary. However, situations could arise in which you may want to seek legal advice. CSEA cannot recommend an attorney. The Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys who attend CSEA hearings cannot act as private counsel for CSEA clients as they represent the State of Ohio and therefore no attorney-client relationship exists.

My child now lives with me and I am still paying child support?

Physical custody does not affect your child support order. CSEA cannot assist either party with custody or visitation issues, parties should retain private counsel.

I need to take my children to the doctor and do not have insurance cards. What do I do?

First, read your child support order to verify who is supposed to carry medical insurance for the child(ren). If the other party is ordered to carry insurance, please review the Medical Insurance information sheet and contact the CSEA.

How often can I expect to receive payments?

CSEA is unable to guarantee frequency of payments. If deductions are being received from an employer, frequency of payments will depend on the Obligor’s pay periods.

There is a past amount due on my child support case, how does this get paid?

Additional monies may be added to the monthly obligation. In addition, further Enforcement techniques may be initiated.

What do I do if payments are more than thirty (30) days late AND no income source for the obligor can be located?

Referral to the CSEA’s Legal Division may be made for possible court action. Contact your Child Support Specialist for action.

What are the different options available for receiving payments?

CSEA has two options: Direct Deposit and Ohio E-Quick Pay (Debit MasterCard).

My payment was short, late, or for an incorrect amount, what do I do?

Contact the Child Support Specialist assigned to your case, which will investigate the problem with the income source and contact you with resolution.

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